Boobs Deserve Better

ThirdLove is a bra company that makes bras in more shapes and sizes than any leading competitor, making them the most inclusive bra company around. While they have their product down to a T, they could use some help with their brand awareness. “Boobs Deserve Better” is a campaign that will put them on the map by creating a positive relationship with women and their bra shopping experience.


If you’re wondering why the art direction shows women touching themselves, allow me to explain. There is this thing that ladies do when they talk about their boobs to their friends. For some reason their hands naturally go to grab themselves. Because we wanted this campaign to be honest and approachable, why not communicate to our audience the way we’d communicate to a close friend? 

The Boob Room by ThirdLove

The Boob Room by ThirdLove is an experiential museum with instagrammable moments at every corner all inspired by, you guessed it, boobs. Imagine a mix between a Kylie Cossmetics pop up store and the Musuem of Ice Cream only way better because it’s filled with quirky boob art installations.

The Boob Room could take place in any vacent space that allows pop ups. The majority of the space would be used for the installations that could be built and showcased by local female artists. In the back for those who are interested, they can shop for ThirdLove products, although that is not the main point of the shop. We want to create a fun atmosphere that normalizes the female chest and celebrates the natural human form. 

SnapChat Bumpers

We asked real women what they don’t like about their current bras. Unfortunate for them but fortunately for this campaign, they quite a bit to say. I made these quick bumpers from a longer version of the video that could appear on YouTube. Check out the longer version below.


YouTube Bumper