Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

Let the Games Begin

Problem: How can we promote a videogame with a broad release date?

Solution: Create a sequence of events that heighten the anticipation while still keeping the audience engaged.

Twitter Announcement

Kick off the promo by announcing a hidden easter egg -a burned corpse- that will earn tickets to the ultimate release party.

Easter Egg

This poster will be seen around the participating cities.

Winner Winner

The first to find the corpse and provide photo evidence to wins.

The Winners get the Pretty Woman Treatment

Through partnership with Airbnb we have created the ultimate Masquerade experience.

This includes:

  • A night in the Masquerade’s Haven- a 15th Century Castle in Seattle
  • Personal chef that will prepare their meals
  • Professional stylist and makeup artist that will prepare them for the MasqueRave
  • Private chauffeur to provide transportation from the Haven to the Rave and back.

Winner’s Letter 

After getting in to contact with the winner, they’ll recieve a letter in the mail with further information on what lies ahead.


Individualized for a completely unique experience

Within the letter we have included a slip with login credentials so the winner can personalize their expereince. 

A night at the Haven 

Private Chauffeur
The Masquerade Rave

Otherwise known as the MasqueRave, will be open to the public upon buying a ticket. However, the winners of the egg hunt will of course be getting in for free. 

Visual Ad Concepts

Ready to Paint Seattle Red, Thinblood?

Can You Own the Night, Thinblood?

Alternate Game Cover

Transitions in the light from dark to bright

Art Director: Gan Montillo

Writer: Haley James